WELCOME TO THE British Division


Misr Language Schools (MLS) British Division has been home to hundreds of students for several years. We welcome our students from all backgrounds, and ethnicities. Our division seeks to constantly provide courage, strength, persistence, value and a coordinating environment to our students.  Students can always feel safe and appreciated, as well as receive an optimum educational journey. We offer Pre-IG and IGCSE certifications for all interested candidates.


Why choose IGCSE/International GCSEs?

IGCSEs and International GCSEs are the world’s most popular international qualifications for 14- to 18-year-olds.  They are your gateway to higher education or professional studies in your home country or overseas. They can help you:

  • get a place at college or university at home or abroad
  • find better career opportunities
  • pass the language tests for emigrating or studying in another country*
  • develop skills that help you lead a more exciting and successful life.

The British Council helps more than two million people take international exams every year. We can offer you support and guidance – from choosing subjects to exam registration.

Join the MLS British community

“School is a life-changing journey, not merely an event. You are on a quest to learn new things, to expand your thinking, to make a better life for you and your children, to advance in your job, to learn a new skill, to achieve a dream . No matter your destination, know that IGCSE administration is here to help you navigate your way. Your journey will be a dynamic one filled with rainbows, storms, summer rain showers, and sunny days. When you experience a rainbow, remember to take the time to enjoy it and to celebrate your achievement. ”

Cambridge University honors Misr Language Schools

In March 2017, Misr Language Schools (MLS) had the honour to welcome Dr. Michael Sullivan, CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education, to participate in a ceremony celebrating the achievements of MLS’s British Division and the important role that the school has played in the provision of British education in Egypt.

Since its establishment in 2007, MLS’s British Division has worked hard to strengthen its capacity to offer its students the opportunity to enroll in high quality education accredited by leading organizations like Cambridge University.

Dr. Ismail Othman, Chairman of the MLS Board, extended his appreciation to Dr. Sullivan and underscored the close collaboration between MLS and the department of the University of Cambridge, which has created new innovative paths for education and capacity building opportunities for young people in Egypt. Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata, Principal of International Divisions, and Mrs. Nagwa Gomaa, Principal of the National Division, also expressed their gratitude to Dr. Sullivan on behalf of the teachers of MLS and the many students who have benefited from this important collaboration. The event was also attended by prominent leaders in the field of education including Counselor Ahmed El-Sisi, Advisor to the Minister of Education and Dr. Mohamed Adel Osman, Director the Al-Ahram administration.
During his remarks, Dr. Sullivan emphasized that Egypt continues to gain serious ground in the implementation of quality education for all. He also acknowledged the commendable role of the MLS community – staff and students – in exceeding expectations in the application of Cambridge Assessment International Education policies and recommendations.
Moreover, Dr. Sullivan stressed the importance of further strengthening the cooperation between MLS and Cambridge University, in order to expand learning opportunities for students in Egypt.


School Is A Life-Changing Journey, Not Merely An Event. You Are On A Quest To Learn New Things, To Expand Your Thinking, To Make A Better Life For You And Your Children, To Advance In Your Job, To Learn A New Skill, To Achieve A Dream . . . No Matter Your Destination, Know That IGCSE Administration Is Here To Help You Navigate Your Way.