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The Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Lower Secondary Checkpoint Programme develops Mathematics, English and Science skills and knowledge.
It can help your child by:

  • allowing teachers to assess their learning as they progress
  • developing their global outlook and equipping them for success in the modern world
  • preparing them for IGCSEs/International GCSEs.

Children sit Checkpoint tests at the end of Grade 8 and Pre-IGCSE at 14–15 years. The tests are marked by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and provide an external international benchmark for your child’s performance.


Principal statement

“School is a life-changing journey, not merely an event. You are on a quest to learn new things, to expand your thinking, to make a better life for you and your children, to advance in your job, to learn a new skill, to achieve a dream. No matter your destination, know that IGCSE administration is here to help you navigate your way. Your journey will be a dynamic one filled with rainbows, storms, summer rain showers, and sunny days. When you experience a rainbow, remember to take the time to enjoy it and to celebrate your achievement.”

Shahinaz Shehata
MLS School Principal 


Overview of Year 10, 11&12 IGCSE Subjects offered at MLS

Grading System

Grade Equivalence