British School

Arts and Design

The IGCSE Art & Design curriculums, offered By MLS, have witnessed an exceptional growth in the number of enrolling students in the past several years.

The subject is intended to stimulate the skills and techniques of students with an incredible journey into cultural variety, research and inspirational outcomes from their work.

The careful choice of topics and themes to pursue along with the instructors, methodologies and approaches are key factors for students to excel in their study of Art & Design.

It is also important to broaden the exposure of students to distinct cultures and creative works of artists from different backgrounds. This will help them develop their own techniques and will motivate them to arrive at satisfactory outcomes from their projects.

A typical course plan would include trips to cites like Alexandria to study ship- building for example, in addition to exploration of Cairo’s rich cultures, museums and art galleries. Meeting artists will also inspire students to enhance their talents further.
During the coursework and stages of preparation, students can achieve their targeted grades with a reasonably balanced effort across the academic year.

I advise schools and parents to encourage students that have a talent or a passion for art to consider Art & Design as one of their qualifying subjects for university acceptance.

Kind regards,
IGCSE Art & Design Instructor
Rokaya Shenawy